Discover our selection of 8 uniquely designed rooms

Each room offers a distinct living experience within the same building and cherished community. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of shared rooms or the luxury of a whole suite, we have a range of living options to suit your preferences. Explore our collection, chose the room that resonates with you, and become part of our vibrant community. Your perfect living space awaits!

The Doubles

Designed for medium to long stays, our Double room offers the perfect balance of comfort and affordability. Embrace a sense of home as you actively engage with our diverse community of travelers. This room provides an affordable solution for up to two guests, equipped with all the essential amenities to guarantee a comfortable and private stay.

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The Suite

For those seeking extended stays, our suite is the perfect choice. With a separate work space and ensuite bathroom, this room has plenty of room to spread out. Designed to accommodate two guests, our suite offers ample space to relax in complete privacy.

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The Twins

For budget-conscious travelers seeking a harmonious blend of comfort and privacy, our Twin room is the ideal choice. This affordable option caters to single travelers or friends traveling together, offering all the essential features necessary for a comfortable stay. Rest assured that you can enjoy your accommodation in complete privacy, with everything you need readily available.

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The Micros

Resembling the cozy cabins found on ships or trains, our Micro rooms offer a minimalistic sleeping arrangement. Designed with compactness in mind, these rooms are ideal for those seeking a simple yet comfortable sleeping space with limited storage options for personal belongings. The bathroom facilities are shared between only two rooms, ensuring convenience and privacy.

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Community Room

A bed in a Community Room provides a sense of community, coziness, and an opportunity to engage with fellow adventurers. You will be provided with a bunk bed, a personal storage locker, and the convenience of a shared bathroom..

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Common & Social Areas

Our fully-equipped kitchen serves as a place where residents can showcase their culinary skills, exchange recipes, and collaborate on cooking adventures. With modern appliances and ample space, the kitchen provides all the tools necessary to prepare delicious meals and create unforgettable dining experiences. The fireplace adds an extra touch of charm to our communal space.
The terraces are a great place to enjoy a morning coffee and the garden is perfect for socializing and relaxing. Each common space is designed for full comfort & functionality, built with warmth and inspired by local elements.

Be part of the Nomad Collective

Welcome to our vibrant community, where you’ll find captivating individuals from around the world, brought together by their love for travel and meaningful connections. Join us and experience a network of vibrant and motivated individuals, each with their own story to share. Engage with like-minded remote workers, digital nomads, and ambitious entrepreneurs, all within a welcoming environment that truly feels like a home away from home.